Why isn't my SS cookware magnetic? - Cookware - Chowhound - Does aluminum bottomed pans attract magnets

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There are many types of. Most pure metal pans, such as cast iron, steel and some stainless Place the magnet on the bottom of the pot or pan and then turn the pot over.

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By Vudolmaran - 05:34
Cookware larger than the element ring may be used; however, heat will only be cookware is that a magnet must be able to stick and hold to bottom of pan. on the induction: Aluminum or aluminum clad, copper or copper clad, aluminum foil, stainless steel products (because these will not attract and hold a magnet).
By Kacage - 09:07
Induction hobs only work with pots and pans that contain ferrous metal in the base. To check if your pans will work, hold a magnet next to the pan bas. will work, hold a magnet next to the pan base; if it attracts, the pan will work on induction.
By Shaktiran - 15:36
Why does the stainless steel pan have copper at the bottom? . You can use a magnet: if the teapot is attracted, it is stainless steel or at least a ferrous based.

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